BALI 4.1 Launch 2018

The BALI 4.1 picks up on all the innovations which have been so successful
with the BALI 4.0:
- The vast cockpit / saloon area, which completely opens up with a huge pivoting glazed door.
- The very seaworthy integral foredeck area that provides rigidity and protection
from spray with a very large sunbathing area and a forward cockpit which can
comfortably accommodate the whole crew.
- The raised helm station and very convivial flybridge.
- Retracting or sliding windows for optimal ventilation both at sea and at anchor.
- Water and diesel tankage, and cool capacity superior to those of all their







BALI 5.4

  • Bali_5.4__1_ copia
  • BALI_5.4__1_
  • BALI_5.4__2_
  • BALI_5.4-5cab_1twin
  • BALI_5.4-5cab
  • BALI_5.4-6cab
  • BALI_5.4-Nacelle
  • BALI_5.4-Pont

The Bali 5.4 is characterized by the enormous, flush-decked saloon / galley / aft cockpit area or in sitting comfortably in the forward deck saloon which is accessed directly from inside, open to the water.

LOA       16.80 M
LWL       16.20 M
BEAM      8.74 M
ENGINE  2x SD 6 Hp up to 80 Hp

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BALI 4.5

  • BALI_4.5_-_Nav_3
  • BALI_4.5_-_table_cockpit_AR
  • BALI_4.5_3
  • Bali_4.5-_sailing_1
  • BALI_4.5_Cockpit_Nacelle

Sail In "Open Space Mode" Coming from the R&D department of the CATANA yard, the Bali 4.5 tempts you to the pleasure of sailing in Open Space. Outside the norms, the Bali 4.5 is simply an innovation.

LOA       13.60 M
LWL       13.00 M
BEAM      7.42 M
ENGINE  2x 40 Hp to 50 or 60 Hp

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  • BALI-4-3-motor-yatch-aerien-0054
  • BALI-4-3-motor-yatch-aerien-0016
  • BALI-4-3-motor-yatch-ext-0807
  • BALI-4-3-motor-yatch-ext-0516
  • BALI-4-3-motor-yatch-ext-0637
  • BALI-4-3-motor-yatch-ext-0680
  • BALI_4.3-MY-2cab-2sdb-2016
  • BALI_4.3_MY-Pont-2016

The BALI 4.3 MY is characterised by a having a single area cockpit/saloon, with a totally flush deck of 30m², entirely free of bulkheads, and accessed by a huge glass door which is entirely retractable on electric struts.

LOA       12.70 M
LWL       12.70 M
BEAM      7.12 M
ENGINE  Yanmar 6BY3  160Hp x 2

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BALI 4.3

  • Bali_4.3_Loft__1_
  • BALI_4.3_-4cab-2sdb-2016
  • BALI_4.3_-Cockpit-nacelle-2016
  • Bali_4.3_Loft__6_
  • Bali_4.3_Loft__10_
  • Bali_4.3_Loft__10a_
  • bali-4.3--10
  • bali-4.3-loft-13--2
  • bali-4.3-loft-14--2
  • bali-4.3-loft-15--2

Design by Xavier Fay and Catana the BALI 4.3 Loft is a revolution. Benefitting from all the innovations of the BALI 4.5 Open Space. THE BALI 4.3 WAS ELECTED BEST CATAMARAN BY THE FAMOUS AMERICAN MAGAZINE "SAIL"...

LOA       13.20 M
LWL       12.70 M
BEAM      7.12 M
ENGINE  2x 40 Hp to 60 Hp

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BALI 4.0

  • BALI-4-0-ext-0564
  • BALI-4-0-ext-0701
  • BALI-4-0-ext-0383
  • BALI-4-0-ext-0426
  • BALI-4-0-ext-1240
  • BALI-4-0-int-080p
  • BALI-4-0-int-123p

The BALI 4.0 is characterized by a single cockpit / saloon area, entirely flush and unencumbered by bulkheads, accessible via an immense folding glass door on electric rams.  You can switch from Cosy mode to Lounge mode, with a panoramic view over the sea...

LOA       11.93 M
LWL       11.88 M
BEAM      6.78 M
ENGINE  2x 20 Hp to 40 Hp

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  Official dealers in Andalusia