The process of creton of a new Dehler model, is only considered finalised when there is nothing more to improve. Up to this point, every single bit of experience harvested from decates of design, thousands of sailing yachts built and non stop innovation is integrated in the development. The passion of creating the perfect boat is based on thre values that are clearly defined: 1. SPEEDY PROCEDURE - Sailing Procedure  2. INTELLIGENT PERFECTION - The perfect yacht is fast, safe and beautiful.  3. GERMAN ENGINEERING - The hallamark of quality.

NEW Dehler 30 od

 Offshore One Design:


New Benchmark  in  Dehlers 50 Year History:

After two years of intense research, design and devlopment the Dehler 30 od is finally a reality. Dehler Yachts presents its offshore one design class, focused on long distance ocean racing. This is the perfect vessel for the new generation of sailors who take on the challenge of competing ocean racing.   The new Dehler 30 od  follows the tradition of former models Sprinta Sport y DB1.

Adrenaline in the blood. The gennaker fills in the gusts and the log jumps to between 9 and 14 knots. A triumphant smile tugs at your lips, as you anticipate crossing the line. Later, put your feet up with a cold drink in hand and go back over the day in comfort with the crew. Good for both comfort and adventure; that's the Dehler 30 one design. It’s a master of both worlds. Switch from regatta mode to cruising mode in just a few simple steps. Whether it’s the Baltic 500, the Silver Rudder or a short cruise with friends. From the very first glance, it becomes clear that the Dehler 30 one design sets a new, uncompromising course. It is designed for maximum performance with the simplest handling - and yet unmistakably a Dehler. A well thought-out package that leaves nothing to be desired and raises the bar in this class of boat. From the Dehler Carbon Cage, carbon mast, bowsprit and twin rudders, to the composite T-keel and the Dehler Stealth Drive - even the standard equipment makes for blistering performance. And that is what it’s all about.

LOA:   10.3 m  ·  Hull: 9.14 m   ·   LWL:    9.00 m    ·    Beam:  3.25 m    ·      Engine:  4.0 kW / HP   




Dehler 46

  • Dehler-46-003
  • Dehler-46-004
  • Dehler-46-005

Dehler 46 - The Dehler 46 is whatever you make it. As a performance cruiser it offers a whole range of possibilities, whether you prefer a competitive race yacht, a comfortable daysailer or a luxury cruising yacht.

LOA:      14.40 m / 47'2"
Hull:      length 13.95 m / 45'8"
LWL:      12.90 m / 42'3"
Beam:    4.35 m / 14'3"
Engine:  53.0 HP / 39.0 kW
              Option 72.0 HP / 53.0 kW



Dehler 42

  • Dehler-42-000
  • Dehler-42-003
  • Dehler-42-004
  • Dehler-42-005
  • Dehler-42-006

The new Dehler 42 is as changeable as achameleon. Touring yacht, performance cruiser, regatta racer – her speed performance can be increased as you like and adapts completely to your personal sailing style.

LOA:         12.84 m 42'1"
Hull:         length 12.42 m 40'9"
LWL:         11.50 m 37'9"
Beam:       3.91 m 12'10
Engine:     Volvo D2-40 38.00 HP 27.90 kW


Dehler 38

  • dehler38_002
  • dehler38_004
  • dehler38_005
  • dehler38_003
  • dehler38_006
  • dehler38_007

A deck layout optimised for single-handed sailing, a rigid hull protected against osmosis and a remarkably roomy cockpit. What else? That’s completely up to you. Enjoy assembling your Dehler 38!

LOA:          11.70 m / 38'8"
Hull:          length 11.30 m / 37'1"
LWL:         10.40 m / 34'1"
Beam:       3.75 m / 12'4"
Engine:     27.3 HP / 20.1 kW
                 Option 38.0 HP / 27.9 kW


Dehler 34

  • Dehler_34-005
  • Dehler_34-006
  • Dehler_34-000
  • Dehler_34-003
  • Dehler_34-004
  • Dehler_34-002
  • Dehler_34-001

The distinct, clean-cut deck design catches your eye at first glance. All the winches, cleats, rollers and many smart details more are positioned just in the right places, so everything will be close at hand.

LOA:        10.70 m / 35'1"
Hull:        length 10.30 m / 33'8"
LWL:       9.60 m / 31'5"
Beam:     3.60 m / 11'8"
Engine:   13.3 kW / 18.0 HP
                Option 20.1 kW / 27.3 HP



Dehler 32

  • dehler32-1
  • dehler32-2
  • dehler32-3
  • dehler32-5
  • dehler32-6

The variety of configuration options includes a teak deck and a stainless-steel anchor fitting. The removable cockpit table provides more elbow-room when sailing in a sportive style.

LOA:          9.80 m / 32'1"
Hull:          length 9.80 m / 32'1"
LWL:          8.94 m / 29'3"
Beam:       3.25 m / 10'6"
Engine:      Volvo D1-20 13.3 kW / 18.0 HP



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