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The quality and the finish of the interior joinery are distinctive features of Solaris, renowned and appreciated all over the world. The refined selection of fine woods combines with the skilled handmade care of the details. The craftsmanship is a necessity for the target that Solaris has set itself: excellence. The final result is a byword for unique and unmistakable fittings that are designed to be functional, comfortable at sea and ultimately durable.

Solaris 55 - World Premier

Solaris Yachts announces the new  Solaris 55  - Premiering at Boot Düsseldorf 2017 -  The Solaris 55has been designed to satisfy the most demanding customers requiring performance sailing even with reduced crew. The in-house technical department along with the naval architect Javier Soto Acebal have worked for fourteen months to fine-tune this project to the smallest detail, to ensure the 55 becomes the bench mark in the 16 meter category in the world today, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The most important qualities of the Solaris 55 include:  1 High performance hull lines · 2 High stability ratio and righting moment ·  3 The layout allows easy and safe handling of the boat even with limited crew and over long distance cruising · 4 Very large storage areas. ·  5 Internal layout  for lengthy periods at anchor without the need for supplies from harbour, thanks to galley compartments and equipment comparable to those of bigger yachts.  LOA: M 16.70   ·    LWL : M 15.78   ·   BEAM:  M 4.8   ·   ENGINE : Hp 75 - 110






Solaris 72

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Solaris reinvent a modern version of the Pilot Classic. With the 72 ft, Solaris confirm its leadership in the design and construction of custom yachts in the range between 70 and 80 feet.

LOA           21.60 M
LWL           20.80 M
BEAM        5.85 M

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Solaris 58

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With the 58’, Solaris confirms its leadership in custom and semi-custom yachts between 50’ and 80’ by producing real cruiser-racers designed by the best naval architects in the world.

LOA           17.40 M
LWL           16.00 M
BEAM        5.05 M
ENGINE     75Hp
        (110-150 Hp opt.)

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Solaris 50

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The goal is to combine new solutions with proven systems and implement these to the 50-foot model by building an evolutionary yacht with the most innovative standards for the next decade.

LOA           M 15.40
LWL           M 14.25
BEAM        M 4.55
ENGINE     Hp 55 - 75

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Solaris 47

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The Solaris 47 is the first and only model in this size to combine all the features and innovations to enable a high-performance boat to be easily sailed even with a small crew.

LOA           M 14.35
LWL           M 13.40
BEAM        M 4.36
ENGINE     Hp 55/75

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Solaris 42

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A structurally solid yacht, compact and monolith and accessible for inspection of the structure throughout. It id innovative in the volume created and in the use of the interior space offering comfort that only a 44/45 ft can boast.

LOA       12.36 M
LWL       11.45 M
BEAM     3.99 M
               ( 55 optional) Hp

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Solaris 37

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As big as a 38 ft from other boatyards, currently the only yacht on the market considered to offer the same comfort as a 45 ft. The 37’ is also built in accordance with the strict standard rules of the Maxi Ocean Yachts.

LOA           11.40 M
LWL           10.45 M
BEAM         3.85 M
                  ( 40 optional) Hp

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