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Spain is the ideal location to enjoy a special activity day of team building or corporate activities. Take advantage of our professional and sports experience to stimulate the Motivation, Integration and Loyalty of your team, staff or clients with an exciting outdoor activity.

Our Team Building activities are designed to improve performance efficiency within a team, establishing a solid base of confidence and improving communication abilities. All our incentive programs are completely flexible and can be tailored to your specific requests. Please contact us for detailed information and pricing.



Corporate Sailing Events

Our Corporate Sailing Events are designed and led by multiple world championship title holder Iñaki Castañer, benefiting from the expertise of a longstanding professional career in high level competition and successful entrepreneurship.

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The target of this activity is set on promoting key aspects within a company like MOTIVATION, INTEGRATION and LOYALTY, through a novel and bonding experience, whilst rewarding individual and team efforts and stimulating the focus of a common aim.

Typical Activity Day

  • Welcome reception (light snack) and instructional session
  • Team selection and position assignments
  • Team Sailing: 2-3 Regattas of approx 45min each
  • Classification and Price Giving
  • DURATION: 4 hrs approx.



All our Corporate Sailing Events include a comprehensive civil responsibility insurance.


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